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Lightning Protection & Testing

Lightning Protection

Yearly tests and inspection of your lightning protection system in line with current British and European standards, advice and support, should it fail or require alteration. 

Assessments based on the UK geographical strike risk data completed where no system is at present installed.

Our Lightning Protection Services include:

  • Risk Assessment: Full risk assessments to BSEN 62305.
  • Design: System Designs to BSEN 62305.  
  • Lightning Protection System Installation: All installations comply to BSEN 62305 code of practices. Safe access and methods of work along with client satisfaction are our prime objectives. Detailed Risk and Method statements are provided to clients prior to site commencement.
  • Annual Test & Inspection: To comply with BS6651 and BSEN 62305, lightning protection systems require to be tested and certified annually.
  • Lightning Protection Systems Maintenance & Repair: For the lightning protection system to function as designed in the event of a lightning strike, it is essential that the system is maintained and kept in good order.

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