Safety with Precision

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Yearly Inspections

Each and every customer has differing needs and requirements our advisors will tailor a package to meet your legal obligations, this can be achieved through planned inspections.

Yearly inspection and maintenance of fire protection and fire fighting systems to current British and European standards. Supply and installation of all Fire detection systems including state of the art wireless fire and alarm applications.

Yearly tests and inspection off your lightning protection system in line with current British and European standards, advice and support, should it fail or require alteration.  Assessments based on the UK geographical strike risk data completed where no system is at present installed.

Yearly Health and safety assessment, backed up with advice and support, across the spectrum of current and new legislative requirements for your premises and staff.  Delivered progressively, but sensitively in an agreed number of yearly visits, where the documentation is both completed, maintained and explained.

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